Georgia Meat Packers

Georgia Meat Packers is a USDA Federally Inspected facility serving local Georgia farmers. Our staff has over 20 years of experience in slaughter and processing.

We offer custom processing, beef and hogs, and sell our very own Potts Bros Farm, locally grown, ground beef and whole hog sausage. We also have limited quantities of steak and roasts, as well.


Call the office, send us a message through the "Contact" page, or just stop in at the farm!

Weekly Special

Check back next week to see if we are running a special.

Ground Beef

Our ground beef is harvested from cattle raised and finished here on the farm and then is processed at our processing facility, Georgia Meat Packers. All cuts of the beef is processed into our ground beef which makes it full of flavor and lean. All one pound packages are vacuum sealed and frozen. 

Steaks & Roasts



Filet Mignon

Bone-In Ribeye

New York Strip


Flank steak

Beef plate

Skirt steak

Cubed steak

Hamburger steak

Chuck Roast

Arm Roast

Rump Roast

Sirloin Tip Roast

London Broil

Eye of Round Roast

Whole Hog Sausage

Our sausage comes from hogs finished here at the farm and then processed at our processing facility, Georgia Meat Packers. Unlike most sausage, our sausage consists of the whole hog making it even more flavorful. The sausage comes in one pound packages and is vacuumed sealed and frozen. We offer mild and hot.

Custom Processing

We offer custom processing for beef and pork.

Give us a call to get on the schedule.

Potts Bros Farm

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