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What our Customers are saying

Tommy F

"The best meat that you can buy. and the jerky is second to none."

Homesteader Cat

"Very friendly, great service. Nice, çlean neat and organized place. They loaded my purchase for me."

Brandon B

"From the stoor front, you can see the cows living their best life, in wide open not crowded green pastures. Not only is Potts Bros meat the best, they make you feel like family when you stop by. Jeff Potts, and Amy, both greeted me by name and with a smile. Never buying my meat from some big box grocery store again. I'd rather buy my meat locally from someone who treats their customers, animals and employees right. Like Potts Bros"

Wendy S

"We are new to Potts, but I think we will be loyal customers!! Everyone we've met is so friendly and helpful and the prices are great!! It's so awesome to know where your meat is coming from! A great American owned and operated family business."


"They have a little store on premise and their meat is the best. My family love it"

Eric S

"Very helpful and friendly folks! We'll indeed visit and buy from them again"

Teresa M

"Everything is always excellent! We drive from SC to shop here! We love the quality of the meats and the excellent service we get!"

Jan T

"Love ur ur people..Ally is wonderful. I even pick up sausage for friends at work ...they love it!"

Zach S

"Great experience, helpful staff from the moment I walked in."

James B

"Really a great place to spend your money. Quality products. Great People. Pleasure doing business with Potts Brothers."

Angela D

"Great customer service, friendly, and knowledgeable. Tried the ground beef, very tasty. Tried the NY strip, tender and tasty. In terms of quality of meat and service, what a difference from grocery stores and other local butcher I've tried. I've ordered online and my experience was excellent and meat was delivered the very next day. Great customer service!"

Christopher C

"Everything was GREAT!"
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