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5th Generation

Family-Owned Farm



Located in the beautiful Piedmont region of Northeast Georgia, Potts Bros Farm has grown from a small, 20th century farm into a diversified cattle operation. The farm has been in the Potts family since 1884 and is currently raising its sixth generation.

Kyle Potts, his wife Chelsey and their three kids are proud to continue the legacy of raising beef cattle on the land.  Kyle and his father, Jeff, have seen all sides of the commercial cattle sector. They understand performance traits, carcass quality and feed conversion. They understand the southern cattle market and the needs for cattle that work in this environment. 


Today, Potts Bros Farm runs a herd of quality Angus Cattle. Their focus is to produce functional cattle that can excel in the southern environment. Their cattle are structurally sound, phenotypically correct, and appealing to the eye.


Potts Bros Farm market their Angus cattle through Cowboy Logic, which is a joint marketing venture with Elrod & Tolbert.  The Cowboy Logic bulls are fed and developed at Potts Bros Farm. The Cowboy Logic Bull & Female Sale is the second Saturday in December. We would love for you to join us!


The most recent venture to take place is the establishment of Potts Family Meats.  Potts Family Meats is a USDA Federally Inspected facility serving local Georgia farmers. The staff have over 20 years of experience in harvesting and processing and offer USDA inspected processing for beef and hogs. 

With the establishment of Potts Family Meats, the farm markets its locally grown Angus beef. The cattle are raised in the rolling grassy hills where the previous generations laid the foundation. At the proper time, the cattle are grain finished to develop the best eating experience for the consumer.

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